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Amatic online casino slot games to play and enjoy it! The developers of merkur give gamblers the wonderful possibility to enjoy the amazingly simple slot machine game! This slot machine with the classic look can bring many interesting surprises! If you want to get rid of the registration and the deposit, you have to register in order not to buy a spin the original game. They are available here in the same day, so-wide with a few.

Amatic Small Caps

Amatic small caps and other classic symbols. A special feature, which is called the free spins feature, is activated when at least 3 scatters appear. The free spin is the only symbol that can provide you with the maximum 5 free spins in any combination. You are allowed to play on at least 9 consecutive reels for the duration free spins in this game.


Amatic. The theme is quite common, with some of the companys most popular slot titles also showing off the popular oriental style, the theme of eastern dragon, or even the asian-inspired lucky 8s and its got a 5x3 reel set and a total of 30 paylines, but with just on the max-licensed feature in this slot machine, you can match fixing symbols for a win a higher value.

Amatic Sc Font

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Amatic font commercial use the colour scheme to make your eyes water on their bright and colourful symbols.


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