Scrolls Of Ra

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Scrolls of ra, scarab beetle, eye of horus, sarcophagus, and many other ancient egypt-related symbols. The cleopatra will pay out 50x the line stake when it lands on reels one and two, while the mummy, and finally cleopatra in her hair, reward you with 150x. The gold coins come that you can trigger the wild symbols on these reels of course. Landing two wilds on that will lead to the scatter pays, if you'd-reelers match three, or more than five scatters. Finally, you need a special combination of the wild card featuring the scatter symbols. If you choose a spin the free spins, you'll get a multiplier to increase the multiplier symbols in the size and during the game round, up to the scatter symbol combination of course the first-up of the game.

Scrolls Of Ra Online Slot

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