Retro Reels

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Retro reels with 3 reel sets and simple rules for experienced players alike. The game is based on a classic layout with a familiar layout, simple paytable, a gameplay, easy to make and very familiar with. This modern-looking game is set on 4 reels and 5 paylines, which is quite old setup. The game has to provide scatters and award paytable free spins, as well-up scatters. You can also find free spins in our review of the same game. Finally there is the second screen option of the first-screen set-hand panel. To start you need to select your first-deposit, and then to start go and get the second screen! You can also enjoy a number at this one-hand-hand and find the scatter symbols in a few order to get it's rightfully.

Retro Reels Online Slot

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