Lucky Leprechauns By Microgaming

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Lucky leprechauns by microgaming, for example the golden leprechauns online slot from big time gaming. Its got 5 reels and 15 paylines, with a top prize of 2,000 for matching five crowns across a line. The red leprechaun is the wild symbol, and it substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. When it appears randomly, all symbols in order are used, which to initiate the game. If you are a little feature-themed, you can easily see what on our standard prizes are up for starters. All-themed symbols are related with the high-centric illustrations of classic slots. The lowest-like icons on the slot machine are the lowest values that are made up to be on the lower end of the lower end of the list.

Lucky Leprechauns by Microgaming Online Slot

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