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5 line mystery is a 5-reel, 3 lines game with 30 ways to win (all pays are paid left to right), which can be seen in the paytable area. This is the highest amount per line pay for 5 in a row with the highest payout being a staggering 500,000 coins. As with all other novomatic games, also pays a scatter prize, as well-numbers can be wagered on free spins. The regular scatters and wild symbols are just about to be at work here. Players can take a special features and enjoy them on a whole grid for free spins. The pay table game suits are just like in your total slot game you may land in the 3d bar games of course and when you land on your win you can expect a nice and some kind-style which you will only see on screen.

5 Line Mystery Online Slot

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